While driving back home to New Jersey from Florida in November 2016, the idea of the Bonsai Books Publishing Company came to mind. I did not have a comprehensive plan at that time, but simply a single children's story that I wanted to publish. However, over the past year and with the assistance of a wonderful illustrator and input from family and friends, I have written other stories to add to what I hope will be a growing collection. It is my desire that each little book upholds the guiding principles of truth and beauty, leading to a deeper reflection as to their source.

Robert Scott

Bonsai Books Publishing Co. - Owner & Author

It has given me joy to support my husband, Robert, throughout the entire development of Bonsai Books, from its humble beginnings of conceptual ideas to the finished works. Even if it had been stories meant only to delight our wonderful grandchildren, I know he would have seen it through to completion. Believing that there would be an interest in these books outside our immediate family, he worked long and hard to produce three beautifully illustrated titles for the reading pleasure of both young and old. I am immensely proud of my husband!

Lori Ann Scott

Bonsai Books Publishing Co. - Story Consultant & Editor

Working with Bonsai Books has been an exciting journey. As a parent, I always look for wholesome and fun books for my kids. Bonsai Books has opened a whole world of imagination for them through adventurous stories and beautiful illustrations. I'm proud to be an editor and also proud to share these books with my children and their friends.

Angelica Crawford

Bonsai Books Publishing Co. - Author & Editor

I find these stories very impressive. I am always happy to create illustrations for them.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Bonsai Books Publishing Co. - Artist & Illustrator