Wishing You a Blessed Easter and Happy Spring

March 2018

Dear Friends,

We at Bonsai Books wish you a Blessed Easter and Happy Spring!

I hope these forty days of Lent have been fruitful, drawing you ever closer to Our Lord and Our Lady. Taming the body and allowing the soul and mind to soar heavenward can be difficult, but the greatest rewards are born out of adversity. Persevere a little further and you will arrive at that place where Jesus and Mary wait for you. A dedicated fiat to God allows a transformation to take place in your life that instills clarity, peace and joy. Trials in life do not go away, but with grace, you can accept these small crosses while following after our Lord. When we say, “Yes” to God, we must also say, “No.” to worldly things. The world offers many temptations and road blocks that obstruct you from entering the little village of Nazareth and the humble home of the Holy Family. I hope you will always say, “Yes” to God and “No” to those things of the world that do not help you get to heaven.

This winter was very productive for Bonsai Books. The first two books were published and printed. God Loves You So Much and Charlie Meets the Lady in White came back from the printer and look terrific. The colors are fabulous and the books are well constructed. Many thanks to Susan and crew at QinQin Printing who made this possible. I have grown fond of this little printing company in Shanghai, China and look forward to their printing of future Bonsai Books.

Our artist and illustrator, Ekaterina, has been working on illustrations for our next book, Anna and the Christmas Angel and preliminary sketches for a story I am currently writing about St. Joseph as a boy. Kate has also illustrated some wonderful postcards, including a lovely watercolor she painted (Think of a small estate in Tuscany with a quaint courtyard filled with flowers). This marketing card is very attractive and really something beautiful to enjoy. Working with Kate has been such a joy. She is so creative and talented. I feel very thankful for her work with Bonsai Books.

The website is being given a new look with a design provided by Kate. Our web developer, Victor, has been working diligently to update the site. He has done a great job capturing all the features and is very patient and responsive to changes. I am grateful for his dedicated effort in giving Bonsai Books a new face to the world. The website’s new design is user-friendly and easy to navigate for new customers learning about Bonsai Books and ordering products. I hope you all like the new look.

Thank you for visiting and please come back and see us. We at Bonsai Books wish you all the best and look forward to meeting you under the Bonsai. Happy reading!

Holy Family, pray for us.

Warm Regards,

Smile Often

Forgive Always

Love Totally